About us

Momo Baby was founded in 2006 by Easton, PA. based mom, Jessie Kiuchi. As a mother of two kids, Jessie grew tired of overpriced kids shoes that were pretty to look at but were of poor build quality, used synthetic materials, and uncomfortable to wear. As a result, Jessie set out to develop her own products that featured the best in materials and construction, while still being functional, comfortable, and stylish.

Momo Baby's mission statement is simple. To make a high quality kids shoe using the best in material and high quality construction, at a price customers can afford.

To achieve this mission, Jessie and her team studied the difference between kids feet and adults feet, such as how weight is distributed through the foot as they walk and run, and how kids' feet grow so that the design can support healthy and natural growth of their feet.

All Momo Baby shoes are designed in-house by Momo Baby employed designers in the USA and Japan. During the design process, not only do we design a good looking shoe, but we make sure that the shoe promotes healthy foot growth. Momo Baby shoes have been reviewed by a group of APMA podiatrists to ensure it promotes foot health, and have been awarded the Seal of Acceptance.

An example is the Momo Baby Leather Sneakers with Flexible Rubber Sole. Meant as a transition shoe after graduating from the Soft Sole Leather Shoes, the Flexible Rubber Sole still gives little feet the ability to bend and arch as if walking bare feet, but now it also provides added protection and slip resistance appropriate to the type of terrain and level of activity of your little one.

At Momo Baby, every precaution is taken to make sure the highest quality materials are used, and that none of the components used could potentially be a safety hazard. Once the shoe is designed and a prototype is put together, it goes through extensive testing to make sure construction is still good, that there is no excessive wear, and most importantly that our shoes are comfortable. To assure quality and uniformity, an extensive quality control process is followed in which Momo Baby shoes are sent to a third party lab to test everything from material lead and chemical test, to sole slip resistance and velcro peel strength. Momo Baby only uses genuine leather, so little feet are still able to breathe. Every piece of leather used is tested by a third party to ensure that all leather is safe from lead or any toxic chemicals.

Now, years later after the company's founding, Jessie and her team continue to expand the Momo Baby brand to offer an even more diverse line of footwear to a wider age range of kids. Starting with soft sole leather crib shoes for infants in 2008, Momo Baby now offers flexible sole leather shoes, leather boots, leather sandals, and ballet flats.

All Momo Baby products come with a lifetime product warranty for items in new condition, with the original packaging, in addition to a 30-day unconditional guarantee. If a customer is not satisfied for whatever reason, Momo Baby will exchange or refund the purchase, within that time-frame, no questions asked.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions:

2601 Baglyos Cir

Bethlehem, PA 18020